Writing and performing for over twenty years, Kevin Connolly has carved out his own way of writing American songs and earned a reputation as a passionate performer. Connolly has toured extensively in the U.S. and Europe while maintaining a strong presence and tie to his New England roots. Working the college and coffeehouse circuit solo, Kevin has also played major festivals including Newport Folk, SXSW, Kerrville Folk and Bumbershoot. He has opened up for a long list of notable artists including Indigo Girls, Huey Lewis, Todd Rundgren and Joan Osborne. Locally, Kevin plays solo acoustic but most often with his band or some version thereof. Kevin’s songs have also appeared on network television in episodes of NBC’s First Watch and in films like Danny Aiello’s Mojave Moon

Raised on Boston’s South Shore, Kevin comes from a musical family with composer/brother Jim Connolly, a fixture of the West Coast “New Music” scene. Early influences like John Prine, Tom Waits and Bob Dylan remain inspirations and guiding forces. Writing descriptive songs that capture something about regular life in America today has been a running theme and preoccupation. 

Making North/East


"I started messing around with the idea of writing a truly "regional" record a while ago. I've always been inspired by things close to home. I like using the names of real places and people, especially if I know them. And I like making stuff up in a setting that I am familiar with. I've always admired the way that songwriters from the Southwest, particularly from Texas, write about their surroundings with such clear and simple detail. Some people feel that it's romantic, or that there's some mystique down there. I kind of agree and don't at the same time. I think it's how you, as they say in freshman English class, use these details, the nature, the place to "suspend reality" and create a different effect.

For me, there is something just as mystical and attractive about the Northeast. Maybe it's the weather, we get a lot of it. Maybe it's the people—some say we can be a pretty grumpy lot. There's definitely an edge and a way of looking at things that's unique to this part of the country. I think of lobstermen up in Maine, or harbormasters on Cape Cod. I think of punks in South Boston, and waitresses in Worcester. These are the cowboys of the Northeast. The ocean, the green mountains, the mill towns are the backdrop. Cormac McCarthy eat your heart out!"

Behind every recording project is a little story. We've arranged a few things on this page that help tell part of that story.