Boston Globe—Best local albums of 2015: “A marvelous collection of muscular, electric folk”

Worcester Telegram & Gazette—Favorite New England Albums of 2015: “At times whimsical, at times achingly beautiful, this album… has layers and depths to it that reveal themselves on every replay.”

Patriot Ledger—Best of 2015: Local music scene lush with talent: “Heart and soul enough to warm a winter’s day… it just may be Connolly’s best band album ever.”

The Alternate Root—Top Ten Songs of the Week: "Thick solid notes drop from the guitar as Kevin Connolly tries to free the forms in the darkness below the surface of his song. His voice gives the tale a chill as it makes its way slowly across a nearly frozen soundscape on the title track from his recent release, Ice Fishing."

Motif Magazine: "...Kevin Connolly’s seasoned and foreboding vocals drive the album every bit as much as a Stratocaster does Eric Clapton’s most renowned work. Connolly’s rich voice carries every emotion from pain to joy in such a way that elevates the lyrics from merely off the page, to directly into the heart of the listener. There’s real experience and integrity coming from them road-worn vocal chords... It takes a lot to get through to my cynical heart, but the following line actually set my lower lip a-quivering: “Your mother and me we see an innocent child… let the world be forewarned of your hurricane ways. You’ll blow them away.” Simply put, that is some great songwriting... The symbiotic musical relationship the Connolly men have is nothing short of magical." (Full review)

Worcester Telegram & Gazette—Kevin Connolly takes unlikely journey on 'Ice Fishing' by Victor B Infante
“...Ice Fishing starts at an old bus station and ends staring out at dusk on a broken pier: It’s an unlikely destination in an even more unlikely journey, an offbeat examination of isolation — what happens when it’s sought, and when it’s unwanted...The whimsy and the isolation intertwine here, allowing the persona to play the knowing outside observer with a sly wink. That whimsy falls away for a while as the album moves on to the title track, a stunning slow-burn still life of masculinity, brothers and fathers... One of the things that makes “Ice Fishing” an interesting album is that it doesn’t confuse isolation with alienation. Even when it’s poignant, this isn’t a sad album. And while it’s hardly unique that love is the thing that disperses that sense of isolation, Connolly handles it with a sweetness and lack of sentimentality that brings it to life...Throughout the album, everything hangs together like clockwork, with no discernable flaws...It’s a staggering moment of honesty, but as previously noted, this is not an album devoid of hope..." (Full review)

THE NOISE (BOSTON): "...This is basically a labor of love between two brothers on different coasts and it took three years of trading files to complete. Legendary local production ace Ducky Carlisle plays drums and produces the material. The voice is very personal and you get the feeling that Connolly is singing just to you.. Cool music for the heart and soul from a vet." (A.J. Wachtel) (Full review)



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    Great website, Kevin!

    Great website, Kevin!

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